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Out of town training at SBGi Oregon!

flyin1One on one private coaching from Matt Thornton, and the SBGi Headquarters Coaches, is now available! We highly recommend that you schedule your private time at least two months in advance as Matt’s available time is limited. The cost for training is the same for one to four people. As such you can split the cost of the course amongst you and your friends. Training time is typically done in the course of two full days at one of our facilities in Oregon. However, if you are planning on staying more then a few days, it can be broken up accordingly.


flyin2Private training costs – UPDATED: 08/21/14:

  • One to four people for ten full hours = Only $2500.00 weekday/ $3000.00 weekend
  • One to four people for five full hours = $2000.00 weekday/ 2500.00 weekend.
  • Five or more people (see seminar rates)
  • Three hours of privates with Matt, plus unlimited group classes for one week = $1750.00
  • One hour private lesson, plus unlimited group classes for one week = $1300.00
  • Unlimited group classes for one week = $385.00
  • Drop in fee for one night = $197.00

*All private students also receive unlimited FREE group classes while in Oregon, and there are classes 7 days a week. Also, videotaping is allowed, and encouraged!

Accommodations: We have local hotels which offer discount rates that average $59.00 per night. You can also arrange housing at an SBGi student’s home who has rooms to rent. The cost is usually $70.00-80.00 per week, and booking is limited so we suggest you e-mail well ahead of time to arrange space if this is an option you are interested in.