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Africa Africa

Affiliated Training Groups:

SBGi Cape Town - Alive Wellness and Martial Arts
Sun Valley - Cape Town - South Africa
Contact: Steve Bazzea
Tel: 083 760 1183 / 021-785 4216
Web: http://www.functionalmartialarts.co.za/
Email: stevebazzea@telkomsa.net

Canada - Regional Director: Rich Beaupit


SBGi Gyms:

Straight Blast Gym Niagara
Contact: Rich Beaupit
50 Niagara St.
St. Catherines, ON, Canada
Tel: (905) 329-5425
Web: www.bmma.ca
Email: bmma@cogeco.ca

SBG Toronto
Contact: Jason Lancucki
70 Kimbourne Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, M4J 4J4
Tel: (416) 406-6665
Web: www.sbgtoronto.com
Email: jasontptm@hotmail.com

SBG Scarborough
Contact: Jun Dazai
489 Brimley Rd. Unit #19
Scarborough, Ontario M1J 1A3
Tel: (416) 908-1756
Web: http://www.sbgscarborough.com/

Straight Blast Gym of Edmonton
Contact: Steve Winget 4006-118ave
Edmonton Alberta, Canada
Tel: (780) 914-1797
Web: www.straightblastedmonton.com
Email: sbgedmontonbjj@gmail.com

Chile Chile

Affiliated Training Groups:

CrossFit Santiago
Contact: Pável Sáenz
San Francisco 602, Santiago Centro
Santiago, Chile
Tel: (568) 236-5778
Email: crossfitsantiago@yahoo.com
Web: www.crossfitsantiago.com


Our Regional Director for SBG Estonia is Priit Mihkelson. You can reach Priit via Facebook


Ireland - Regional Director: John Kavanagh

John Like many, I took up BJJ and MMA training after watching an early UFC, which forced me to "wake up from the matrix." In 2001 I opened up a full time BJJ/MMA gym. I have been mainly self taught, learning from the odd seminar / instructional video here and there. My best teachers have always been my students and I've them to thank for any ability that I have. Matt was the first person to assess my game and just gave me a purple belt in 2002. It was at that time that I renamed our gym to SBG Ireland. I've had a couple of MMA / Sub. Wrestling competitions: won some, lost some but enjoyed them all!

SBGi Gyms:

SBG Ireland - Fight.ie & Fight Hounds MMA Club of the Year 2010
Unit 1a, Concorde Industrial Estate,
Naas Road, Dublin 12, Ireland
Mobile Tel: +353876768911
Web: www.sbgireland.com
Email - sbgmembership@gmail.com

Affiliated Training Groups

K2C MArtial Arts and Fitness Center
Contact: Liam-Og Griffin
Unit 2, Northpoint Business Park
New Mallow Road, Cork
Tel: 353-21-430-9693
Web: www.K2C.ie
Email: Liam-Og@K2C.ie

The Gym Ballina
Contact Stephen Geddas
10B Bunree Road, Bunree, Ballina, Co Mayo
Email: gymballina@gmail.com

Fusion MMA
Contact: Martin Hickey
Unit 11, Westpoint Retail Park, TuamRoad , Co Athlone http://fusiontrainingcentre.com
Ph: +353 85 270 0087

Athlone Budokan Gym
Contact: Damian Brennan
Blyry Ind. Estate, Athlone, Westmeath
Ph: +353 85 270 0098

Evolution MMA
Contact: Kieran Davern
Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Primal MMA
Contact: Owen Roddy
Unit 3B, Century Business Park, Charlestown, Dublin 9
Ph: +353 85 715 5233

Killarney Grappling Club
Contact: PJ Lucey
Sporty's Gym, 6-7 Main Street, Killarney, Kerry

Contact Paul Cronin
Tel: +353 85 224 7473

K2C Cork
Unit 2, Northpoint Business Park,
New Mallow Road, Co Cork.
email - Liam_og@k2c.ie

KoreaJapanKorea / Japan - Regional Director: John Frankl

JohnJohn began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Los Angeles under the legendary Rickson Gracie. Rickson’s patient, methodical style as a fighter and attention to detail as a teacher are both evident in John’s approach to Jiu Jitsu. Following a year with Rickson, under whom he received his blue belt, John moved from Los Angeles to Boston to pursue his doctoral studies at Harvard University.

In Boston, John trained another eight years with Roberto Maia, founder of Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a black belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr., and the cousin of Renzo Gracie and the Machado Brothers. Under Roberto, John received his purple, brown, and black belts. John was also fortunate to have the opportunity to train extensively with Claudio Franca whenever he visited his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. After nine years of continuous and dedicated study, John is among the elite group of Americans black belts.

John’s academic and martial arts careers have long overlapped. His travels allowed him to train and fight not only all over the U.S., but also in Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan. John also founded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Korea, where he has often lived for extended periods of study and research. His academy, Seoul Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has now grown into the nationwide organization, Korea Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

SBGi Gyms:

Contact: John Frankl
41-303 Hanyang Apartments
Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 011-82-10-6233-4752, (From Korea, it's 010-6233-4752)
Email: johnfrankl@yahoo.com

Note: The above address is not the gym. Please call or email John for directions to the gym.


SBGi Gyms:

Straight Blast Gym Sweden
Email: info@bjjcenter.com
Tel: 070 716 10 59
Web: http://bjjcenter.se

UKUnited Kingdom - Regional Director: Karl Tanswell

Karl With over 20 years in the martial arts, Karl has trained with some of the world's top instructors. Over the years Karl has qualified as a Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do instructor, a Filipino martial arts instructor, a Muay Thai instructor and an instructor in Panantukan (Filipino boxing), this latter qualification is with Rick Faye's Minnesota Kali group. Karl has a blue belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Royce, a dan grade in Wado Ryu and a 4th dan senior instructor in Choshinkai run by my old friend and training partner Steve Powell. Believe me when I say that anyone who has grown up under Steve will end up better than just good. Karl has worked as a professional bodyguard for 3 years traveling throughout Europe and the States and has worked the doors in Manchester.

SBGi Gyms:

Straight Blast Gym UK
Contact: Karl Tanswell
12 Sheffield St.
Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2ND
Web: www.sbgmainline.com

Affiliated Training Groups:

One Tribe,
Contact: Billy Schoolar
Gladiators Gym, Regent Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham
Phone: 07828242083
Email: bschoolar@hotmail.co.uk
Web: www.myspace.com/onetribe_sbg

Aberdeen BJJ Academy
Banks O Dee Sports Centre
Aberdeen, Scotland
Contact: John Reid
Web: www.bjj.org.uk
Email: classes@brazilianjiujitsu.co.uk

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