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Disk 1 – The X Factor half guard
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Disk 2 – The frame game full guard

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Disc #1 The X Factor half guard

In this DVD you will see the latest cutting edge material from SBGi Head Coach & BJJ black belt Karl Tanswell. This half guard game is designed to be as simple as possible, within the framework of the SBG fundamentals principle; while at the same time working well within an MMA, no-gi or gi BJJ. Every move takes into consideration your opponents ability to strike, or grip. Topics covered include:

– The X factor posture
– Defending the crossface
– The proper half guard kimura (and counters)
– The half guard hip bump sweep
– The butt spanker
– The reverse hip bump sweep
– Using the scary choke
– Methods for drilling

If your half guard game gives you trouble, this DVD set will be a lifesaver. If you already have a good half guard bottom game, this set will add a new understanding of the postures, frames, and hip movements that define what a great half guard bottom game is.

Disc #2 The frame game full guard

Developing that hard to pass guard is one of the cornerstones of a good BJJ game. This DVD takes those skills into a whole different phase. The concepts of frames, blocks and deflections are integrated into a fluid open guard, and help make the guard extremely hard to pass. The “high and low tide” drills taught in this DVD will in and of themselves take your guard game to another level. Topics covered include:

– Stopping the various types of guard passes
– Proper guard retention posture
– Blocking palms
– Skyhooks
– Underhooks, and deflections
– The three defensive handles (these work equally well gi, or no gi)
– Proper drilling methods
– The high & low tide drills

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