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This brand new series features a previously unreleased material that represents the cutting edge of the SBGi curriculums. If you have enjoyed any of the previous SBG material, you will love the new information found on this five disc set!

Disk 1
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Disc #1: Mastering the Mount

In this disc SBGi President Matt Thornton shows the key points in developing a great mount, proper posture, and pressure from both the upright, and “low” mounts. Following this Matt goes on to show the “kings game”, of collar choke finishes from mount top. No matter what your belt level, this material will improve your mount game. (1 hour)

Disc #2: Mastering the closed guard

In this disc longtime SBG BJJ black belt Eric Hemphill demonstrates the main principles behind an effective closed guard game. He begins with proper posture, and then goes into arm drags, submission attacks, and various grip games. From there Eric walks everyone through the counters to these same attacks, as well as how to open the closed guard safely.
(55 minutes)

Disc #3: “I” method & back defense

This disc is a must for anyone who coaches BJJ, or who wants to understand better how to drill properly for their own individual development. SBGi headquarters Coach & BJJ brown belt Cane Prevost takes an entire group step by step through the cutting edge drilling methods used by SBGi athletes’ worldwide. Following this, long time SBG Coach & BJJ black belt Travis Davison shows a fundamental back escape game, which will help you survive and escape this dangerous position. (one hour & 14 minutes)

Disc #4: Counter Submissions

Matt Thornton shows previously unreleased material from the SBG curriculum that shows you how to counter submissions, even when you are working from a later, or ‘almost tapped’ position. These include defenses to kimuras, armbars, and uma platas. Matt also shows step by step how even at this late stage it is posture (often achieved just by raising a leg, or posting in the right spot on the mat), that’s grants you the ability to defend yourself. This disc will not only show you how to better counter the most common submissions, it will also improve your overall understanding of how, and why BJJ works the way it does. (1 hour)

Disc #5: Drilling stand up for MMA

SBGi headquarters boxing Coach Brian Walsh demonstrates the proper, and functional methods for drilling stand up, in an “Alive” way. To quote Brian, one of the great myths of Martial Arts & sports coaching in general is that all drilling/training methods are beneficial. A lot of what people do as it relates to stand up/boxing training can actually be counter-productive. Brian shows how to avoid these pitfalls. Material includes the most common training mistakes, how & why to emphasize movement, keeping the hands in the proper place, range, power, and use of the head for control on the inside. If you want to take your standup game to the next level, this is the disc! (55 minutes)