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In March 2007 the top SBGi coaches gathered in CA to train, and share the cutting edge material that they were working on. This DVD set was the result. This set was shot in documentary fashion, with the intention of giving you the feel of actually being there on the mat. If you have ever wondered what SBGi is all about, this set is for you!

All of the material covered is unique, and has never been shown before in any other SBGi sets. All of the DVDs feature detailed menus for easy navigation. The entire set is over well over 5 hours long.

See the top SBGi coaches, caught live in their natural environment! Matt Thornton, Luis Guiterrez, Karl Tanswell, John Kavanagh, Steve Whittier, Travis Davison, + More!

Disc 1: 70 minutes
BJJ warm ups
clinch with cloth (grip surfing)
BJJ Q & A with SBGi coaches
rolling footage

Disc 2: 60 minutes
butterfly guard attacks
BJJ Q & A with Matt

Disc 3: 50+ minutes
BJJ warm ups
MMA clinch off the cage or wall
submissions for no gi, or MMA

Disc 4: 75 minutes
Muay Thai for MMA

Disc 5: 67+ minutes
the low X guard
passing the upright butterfly guard
BJJ Q & A with Matt