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Winter (2011) Matt Thornton taught a special seminar in Canada that covered just one topic, guard passing. Tons of details were shown details, the little secrets that help give you the edge in technique. 

Topics covered include:

– defending against attacks while in the guard
– defending your legs while standing
– drills, defending the three attack pressures
– how to open the guard safely
– grips
– specific passes (including the ‘Irish takeaway)
– half guard passes (extreme details)
– killing the 'lock down'
– passing Z guard
– Reaction to Opening the Guard
– How to Use Closed Guard
– Counter Offense and Counter Submission
– Escape from North South Position
– Defense and Attack from Quarter Position
– Standing Counter to Spider Guard
– Approach and Mind Set towards Jiu Jitsu
– Plus much-much more!

This is a seminar DVD so Matt was not on microphone, and the sound and production quality is not studio production quality. As we really value our customers it is important we let you know that upfront. That stated, the material is pure gold, and we will be offering this two DVD seminar set at a special rate.

Disc one is one hour and 35 minutes long!
Disc two is two hours long!
The entire set is over three and half hours of footage!