The Florida No-Gi BJJ for MMA Seminar! Over 4.5 hours of instructions footage covering many of the SBG’s key fundamentals. download each disk for only 9.99 or purchase the physical dvd set for –


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Including: Q & A sections, discussions on Aliveness, the “I” method, BJJ, MMA, “Self-Defense” and the role of athletics. Every technique or concept is shown being drilled and eventually put into play through rolling and sparring between all participants including the SBG instructors and coaches. If any of you are interested in seeing the SBG curriculum and training methods in a seminar setting, this is a great set to look into. Unlike the majority of the seminars at our gym, this one had about 65% of the participants coming in from other states and schools so you can easily see how aliveness gets everyone on the same page quickly. Also you can see kids working the same material as guys ranging in ages from 17 to 52. There is almost no cross over to any of Matt's tapes as he goes into new material and specifically covers the details that only a live exchange can produce.

Disc One (over 2 hours)
1) Half Guard Bottom
2) Attacking from cross sides (combinations & set ups for three primary submissions)
3) “The Smash Pass” (Passing the butterfly guard with zero space)
a) Attaining correct arm placement
b) Proper direction of body and hips while passing
4) “Crush Sides” (pinning through proper position and pressure)
a) Controlling hips and head
b) Controlling elbows
5) Escapes from bottom
a) Getting and keeping under hook to shrimp out
b) Vibrating to shrimp out – “Paint Shaker”
6) Escapes from _ position.
a) Wrestler's approach
b) Jiu-Jitsu player's approach
7) Knee Bar attack and counter from _ escapes
8) Getting and maintaining a Turtle Neck
9) The clinch (emphasis on hip and head positioning)
10) The under hook (set ups and entries to)
11) The whizzer & counters
12) The Neck Tie & Counters
13) The Pinch Head Lock & Takedowns
14) The snap down and set ups
15) Front Head locks
a) Belly Choke
b) Face Crank
c) Arm Triangle (shoulder choke)
16) Blue Belts awarded after rolling
17) Putting it all together from the clinch (pummeling with strikes, takedowns, and grappling for submissions with strikes.)

Disc Two (over two hours)
In this tape much time is spent on the details of working against strikes from the bottom and adding the “Crazy Monkey” to all that was worked the first day.
1) Half Guard Top
a) Keeping position and setting up to pass
b) Three passes that set up and work together
2) Anti-Ground-n-Pound (Stack-n-Smack)
a) Attaining and maintaining the spider guard.
b) Attaining and maintaining the spider guard versus strikes
c) Attacking from the spider guard. (Fundamental 4 attacks isolated and then incorporated individually)
d) Integrating all of the fundamental four together against strikes.
e) Adding sweeps to the fundamental four.
3) The “Crazy Monkey”
a) Training it against strikes (tempo sparring)
b) Adding boxing attacks and combinations from it
c) Adding kicks to the structure (leg kicks and “shoe” kicks)
d) Sparring it.
4) The intelligent monkey (yes, ours is smarter) added to Vale Tudo sparring.
5) Countering the guillotine.
6) Countering hooks from the back.
7) Proper execution of the rear naked choke and eliminating the fallacies surrounding why it doesn't “work” sometimes.

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