• Matt's first series has become one of the top sellers of all time within Martial Arts videos. An instant classic, they set off a fire storm of controversy, and remained a central catalyst in a Martial Arts training revolution that is still taking place all over the world! They were voted as one of the top five self defense videos of all time by Black Belt magazine. Martial Arts video reviews said:

    "If you buy only one set of videos this year, let these be the ones. If you believe that there has been an evolutionary development in the martial arts over the last few decades, from Bruce Lee to the Gracies to the all-round fighters of then you will want to see these tapes. If you have to sell your body to medical science or your sister to an Arab oil sheik, buy these tapes!"

    Voted as one of the top five videos of all time! Matt's second series, like the first series contained interviews, fight footage, and guest Instructors, and became one of the best reviewed MMA instructional sets. Series two still remains a top seller and has sold all over the world in over 50 Countries.

    It's been more then Five Years since series #2 hit the market, and now the final in this trilogy of Functional Martial Arts Instructional sets is here! Disc #1 - The A.P.E Guard Click here to download Disc #2 - The Iron Coffin Top Game Click here to download Disc #3 - Escapes from bottom for MMA & BJJ Click here to download Disc #4 - Half Guard & Back Attacks Click here to download Disc #5 - MMA Guard! Click here to download Disc #6 - De La Riva & X Guard Click here to download Disc #7 - Advanced Clinch Click here to download Disc #8 - Keep it standing! Click here to download Disc #9 - Aliveness - the sequel Click here to download Series Three promises to be as enjoyable and entertaining to watch as the first two were, and just as revolutionary!

    The set includes:

    Disc #1 - The A.P.E Guard: this one hour and 40 minute DVD covers all the fundamental and advanced movements, concepts and drills that will help you develop a guard which remains offensive. APE Stands for active pressure and energy, and the set includes guard retention, sweeps, submissions, closed and open guard attacks, and the differences between gi and no gi.

    Disc #2 - The Iron Coffin Top Game: this one hour and 20 minute dvd covers all the skills and drills needed in order to develop that heavy, crushing, air-tight top game that BJJ is known for. This dvd includes the fundamental 5 skills on top, the different pressures and energies, submissions, transitions, & attacks and drills from both cross sides and mount position. Disc #3 - Escapes from bottom for MMA & BJJ: this one hour and 40 minute DVD covers the fundamental 5 principles of escaping from bottom, as well as an entire series designed for escapes when strikes are included. Whether you train for gi BJJ, no-gi, or MMA this set will help you get out. Disc #4 - Half Guard & Back Attacks: this one hour and 20 minute DVD covers the basic half guard bottom escape game used by the SBGi athletes, the "stone squirrel." It also includes a host of different half guard bottom sweeps, reversals, and attacks. It then proceeds into the fundamentals of holding and passing half guard top, using the smashing top game. Following this a full segment on using the harness for back attacks is covered. Including all the fundamental SBGi back attack drills! Disc #5 - MMA Guard!: Here it is, this one hour dvd covers all the fundamental elements of the MMA guard game that all the SBGi athletes have been putting into successful application for the last Six Years. How to defend against the ground and pound, sweep and submit your opponent. Disc #6 - De La Riva & X Guard: this hour and ten minute dvd covers a host of attacks for when your opponent stands inside your guard. These include the X guard offense as used by Luis Gutierrez, the DLR guard for gi, no-gi and MMA, and many other attacks, submissions, and turnovers! Disc #7 - Advanced Clinch: this hour and forty minute dvd is jam packed with all the basics you need in order to develop a world class clinch game. The dvd includes all the clinch fundamentals taught within SBGi through the "clinch surfing" drill. The fine points of double neck ties, striking in the clinch, using the wall or fence, working underhooks, control, takedowns and throws! Disc #8 - Keep it standing! This hour plus dvd covers the revolutionary curriculum developed by SBGi Coach Karl Tanswell & the SBG-UK Coaches. The SBG UK athletes have been using this material for the last several Years to help dominate in the Cage, and now for the first time it's available to the public. The entire curriculum is designed solely to allow you to stay on your feet within the MMA Cage, and/or a self defense situation, and is all included on this DVD. Disc #9 - Aliveness - the sequel!: This two hour and fifteen minute dvd is stuffed with interviews, conversations, demonstrations, and drilling footage, which deals with the number one overriding philosophical principle SBGi was founded on... Aliveness. Warning : this is NOT an instructional dvd. This dvd is not designed to teach any movements, skills, or drills. It is instead an interview and philosophy dvd that is meant for those interested in gaining a more in depth understanding of what Aliveness is all about. For this reason we have created separate set prices and we realize some people are only interested in the instructional portion of our set. In addition to SBGi Head Coach Matt Thornton, this set includes a host of world class guest Instructors, featuring: Luis Gutierrez (Vice President & resident radical "El Che"), Chris Haueter (BJJ grandmaster & pez dispenser of wisdom), Karl Tanswell (UK Director & fellow lunatic), Adam Singer (world class MMA Coach & Lobby boxer), John Kavanagh (Ireland Director & designated driver), Mike Sweeney (SBGi Business manager & token Canadian), Tom Oberhue (old school SBG & resident square), Steve Whittier (Eastern Regional Director & dry humor specialist), Jeff Wassom (SBGi OG!), Travis Davison (PDX Coach & loveable dickhead), Rick Davison (PDX Coach & windshield boxer), Chris Connelly (representing the dirty south), Rebecca Sweeney (princess of MMA)... and many more!

    Complete Chapter List and Detail Review available here!!!

  • Fully Remastered

    Matt's first series has become one of the top sellers of all time within Martial Arts videos. An instant classic, they set off a fire storm of controversy, and remained a central catalyst in a Martial Arts training revolution that is still taking place all over the world! They were voted as one of the top five self defense videos of all time by Black Belt magazine. Martial Arts video reviews said "If you buy only one set of videos this year, let these be the ones. Disk 1 - The Ground: Top game Disk 2 - The Ground: Escapes from bottom Disk 3 - The Ground: Guard game Disk 4 - Advanced Stand up fighting Disk 5 - Intermediate Clinch Disk 1 download Click Here For Instant Download Disk 2 Download Click Here For Instant Download Disk 3 Download Click Here For Instant Download Disk 4 Download Click Here For Instant Download Disk 5 Download Click Here For Instant Download
  • The original SBG Productions tape set that started it all.

    Matt Thornton is the President and Head Instructor of Straight Blast Gym, an organization formed for the purpose of pursuing the truth in combat. After all, this is what JKD is supposed to be! Disk 1 - Aliveness Click here to download Disk 2 - The Clinch Click here to download Disk 3 - The Ground Click here to download
  • Disk 1 - The X Factor half guard Click Here To Download Disk 2 - The frame game full guard Click Here To Download Disc #1 The X Factor half guard In this DVD you will see the latest cutting edge material from SBGi Head Coach & BJJ black belt Karl Tanswell. This half guard game is designed to be as simple as possible, within the framework of the SBG fundamentals principle; while at the same time working well within an MMA, no-gi or gi BJJ. Every move takes into consideration your opponents ability to strike, or grip. Topics covered include: - The X factor posture - Defending the crossface - The proper half guard kimura (and counters) - The half guard hip bump sweep - The butt spanker - The reverse hip bump sweep - Using the scary choke - Methods for drilling If your half guard game gives you trouble, this DVD set will be a lifesaver. If you already have a good half guard bottom game, this set will add a new understanding of the postures, frames, and hip movements that define what a great half guard bottom game is. Disc #2 The frame game full guard Developing that hard to pass guard is one of the cornerstones of a good BJJ game. This DVD takes those skills into a whole different phase. The concepts of frames, blocks and deflections are integrated into a fluid open guard, and help make the guard extremely hard to pass. The “high and low tide” drills taught in this DVD will in and of themselves take your guard game to another level. Topics covered include: - Stopping the various types of guard passes - Proper guard retention posture - Blocking palms - Skyhooks - Underhooks, and deflections - The three defensive handles (these work equally well gi, or no gi) - Proper drilling methods - The high & low tide drills
  • Video 1 Click here to download Video 2 Click Here To Download Video 3 Click Here To Download

    For the first time ever SBGi competition team boxing coach Brian Walsh brings his unique, innovative, and incredibly effective stand up training methods to the public at large. Find out for yourself why so many MMA fighters are turning to Brian's creative drilling techniques in order to develop high level striking in an MMA environment.

    This series starts by focusing on how to bridge the gap between technical boxing and the MMA game. Brian works with athletes of varying skill levels: from the veteran MMA cage fighter to an athlete attending their very first stand-up fighting class, in order to show you how to bring your own game up, regardless of where you are at now in terms of ability. Brian also shows you how to make stand up drills alive, and how to modify them on the real-time performance results of the athletes. Brian's focus is on movement and power. To quote Brian "great striking is about lay ups, not free throws." Learn why Matt Thornton calls Brian Walsh "The most creative stand up coach I have ever met."

    DVD 1: Boxing for MMA: Stand-Up Fundamentals. Proper stance, the importance of posture, how to wrap the hands properly, functional boxing warmup exercises, how to generating extreme power in your punches, different agility drills to develop reaction time, proper use of angles and positioning, and various creative drills for developing all of the above. run time = 70 minutes

    DVD 2: Boxing for MMA: The lead hand.  The fundamentals of the jab, jab agility and footwork drills, use of the lead hand for both offense and defense, jab drills and sparring drills galore, the use of the jab for MMA: bridging boxing to MMA, using the lead hand out of the clinch, countering the jab in MMA, using kicks with the jab. run time = 80 minutes

    DVD 3: Boxing for MMA: The rear hand, power and combos. Mechanics of the power cross, recovery when you miss, offense, defense, and counterpunching. Using the lead hook to the body, using your punching to counter kicks. Tons of drills. run time = 70 minutes

  • Disk 1 Download Click here to download Disk 2 Download Click here to download Winter (2011) Matt Thornton taught a special seminar in Canada that covered just one topic, guard passing. Tons of details were shown details, the little secrets that help give you the edge in technique. 

    Topics covered include:

    - defending against attacks while in the guard - defending your legs while standing - drills, defending the three attack pressures - how to open the guard safely - grips - specific passes (including the ‘Irish takeaway) - half guard passes (extreme details) - killing the 'lock down' - passing Z guard - Reaction to Opening the Guard - How to Use Closed Guard - Counter Offense and Counter Submission - Escape from North South Position - Defense and Attack from Quarter Position - Standing Counter to Spider Guard - Approach and Mind Set towards Jiu Jitsu - Plus much-much more!

    This is a seminar DVD so Matt was not on microphone, and the sound and production quality is not studio production quality. As we really value our customers it is important we let you know that upfront. That stated, the material is pure gold, and we will be offering this two DVD seminar set at a special rate.

    Disc one is one hour and 35 minutes long! Disc two is two hours long! The entire set is over three and half hours of footage!

  • This brand new series features a previously unreleased material that represents the cutting edge of the SBGi curriculums. If you have enjoyed any of the previous SBG material, you will love the new information found on this five disc set! Disk 1 Click Here To Download Disk 2 Click Here To Download Disk 3 Click Here To Download Disk 4 Click Here To Download Disk 5 Click Here To Download Disc #1: Mastering the Mount In this disc SBGi President Matt Thornton shows the key points in developing a great mount, proper posture, and pressure from both the upright, and “low” mounts. Following this Matt goes on to show the “kings game”, of collar choke finishes from mount top. No matter what your belt level, this material will improve your mount game. (1 hour) Disc #2: Mastering the closed guard In this disc longtime SBG BJJ black belt Eric Hemphill demonstrates the main principles behind an effective closed guard game. He begins with proper posture, and then goes into arm drags, submission attacks, and various grip games. From there Eric walks everyone through the counters to these same attacks, as well as how to open the closed guard safely. (55 minutes) Disc #3: “I” method & back defense This disc is a must for anyone who coaches BJJ, or who wants to understand better how to drill properly for their own individual development. SBGi headquarters Coach & BJJ brown belt Cane Prevost takes an entire group step by step through the cutting edge drilling methods used by SBGi athletes’ worldwide. Following this, long time SBG Coach & BJJ black belt Travis Davison shows a fundamental back escape game, which will help you survive and escape this dangerous position. (one hour & 14 minutes) Disc #4: Counter Submissions Matt Thornton shows previously unreleased material from the SBG curriculum that shows you how to counter submissions, even when you are working from a later, or ‘almost tapped’ position. These include defenses to kimuras, armbars, and uma platas. Matt also shows step by step how even at this late stage it is posture (often achieved just by raising a leg, or posting in the right spot on the mat), that’s grants you the ability to defend yourself. This disc will not only show you how to better counter the most common submissions, it will also improve your overall understanding of how, and why BJJ works the way it does. (1 hour) Disc #5: Drilling stand up for MMA SBGi headquarters boxing Coach Brian Walsh demonstrates the proper, and functional methods for drilling stand up, in an “Alive” way. To quote Brian, one of the great myths of Martial Arts & sports coaching in general is that all drilling/training methods are beneficial. A lot of what people do as it relates to stand up/boxing training can actually be counter-productive. Brian shows how to avoid these pitfalls. Material includes the most common training mistakes, how & why to emphasize movement, keeping the hands in the proper place, range, power, and use of the head for control on the inside. If you want to take your standup game to the next level, this is the disc! (55 minutes)
  • Now available, the most recent advances and cutting edge material from SBGi. This brand new DVD series features material that has never been released to the public before, including BJJ, MMA, clinch, defending off the cage, boxing for MMA, the 5 types of drills, defense from the five most common ‘bad’ BJJ scenarios, several sets of sport specific warm ups, the use of the critical thinking skills in your Martial Arts training, and a bonus disc featuring the SBG athletes and coaches rolling, as well as a black belt ironman! If you have liked any of the past SBGi material, then you will love this brand new series! Click to download disk 1 Click to download Click to download disk 2 Click to download Click to download disk 3 Click here to download Click here to download bonus disk Click here to download   Disc #1 ( 1:45 minutes long!) features: Yoga warm-ups for BJJ. Cage surfing! Featuring SBGi Coach James Davis. Cutting edge clinch off the cage drills for MMA! These include reversals, takedowns and strikes. Sweeps & submissions from the guard! Featuring SBGi BJJ Black Belt Travis Davison. Includes some key points on fundamental sweeps used every day, and ways to turn those sweeps into submission attacks on you opponent. Also includes a BJJ Q and A session. Disc #2 ( 1:42 minutes long!) Features: A curriculum and coaching workshop with SBGi President Matt Thornton, including a comprehensive explanation of functionalistic minimalism, and the five types of drills that can be applied to BJJ, or any combat sport. These include how to drill for timing in general, the fastest way to develop your own individual “style”, how to define “base”, and finding that line between style specific movements and fundamentals. These is followed up with a discussion of ‘critical thinking’, and the three types of arguments all forms of superstition use as a means of defense. If you want to know what the SBG methodology is all about, or you are looking for better, more rational ways to Coach, then you will love this section! Mastering the one-handed guillotine choke! This section is taught by top SBG Coach John Kavanagh, topics include the ‘monkey paw’ grip, proper elbow and body placement, how to drill the choke, and sweeping off of the same grip. This is a must see segment that contains material we guarantee you will not find anywhere else! The disc continues with Boxing for MMA featuring Portland Gym coach Brian Walsh. Topics include: Shifting your weight, and head movement as defense. Defending punches, jabs, hooks, and crosses. Faster boxer versus the slower, stronger slugger. Pivoting boxer versus a slipping boxer. Notes on how to drill boxing properly, and safely. This is followed by boxing specifically for MMA: • win on our feet • defend the takedown • set up the takedown • enter the clinch • exit the clinch Disc # 3 ( 1:37 minutes long) includes: Yoga warm ups for BJJ & MMA featuring Kisa Davison The ‘Animal Crackers’ warm up, as taught by john Kavanagh. This is followed by an outstanding escapes from crossides section, featuring SBGi Estonia Coach Pritt Mihkelson. This innovative session focuses on four key postures, and it goes into great detail about the proper way, and time to use your head on the mat; as well as tight frames, in order to prevent your opponent from locking you down. The five most common ‘bad’ BJJ scenarios, and their solution! Featuring SBGi Head Coach John Kavanagh. This is an awesome, and large session, and example of some of what is covered includes: defending when your opponent is going for pant leg grips to pass, how to defend the stack, defending leg hugs, and defending the bullfighter pass. The next section covers problems that arise from the four quarters position: how to defend when they grab you, or when they sprawl on you, and other common attacks. The session finishes with John answering questions regarding BJJ. Bonus disc #4 (2 hours long) : This special extra disc contains all the SBG Coaches rolling, and two belt promotions, including an SBG black belt ironman, as Travis Davison becomes the first coach from the Portland Gym to receive his BJJ black belt from Matt. All four discs contain over & hours of footage, and material never before seen on any DVD set. This is a must see set for anyone interested in improving their BJJ and/or MMA game!
  • Disk 1 Click Here To Download Disk 2 Click Here To Download

    Including: Q & A sections, discussions on Aliveness, the “I” method, BJJ, MMA, “Self-Defense” and the role of athletics. Every technique or concept is shown being drilled and eventually put into play through rolling and sparring between all participants including the SBG instructors and coaches. If any of you are interested in seeing the SBG curriculum and training methods in a seminar setting, this is a great set to look into. Unlike the majority of the seminars at our gym, this one had about 65% of the participants coming in from other states and schools so you can easily see how aliveness gets everyone on the same page quickly. Also you can see kids working the same material as guys ranging in ages from 17 to 52. There is almost no cross over to any of Matt's tapes as he goes into new material and specifically covers the details that only a live exchange can produce.

    Disc One (over 2 hours) 1) Half Guard Bottom 2) Attacking from cross sides (combinations & set ups for three primary submissions) 3) “The Smash Pass” (Passing the butterfly guard with zero space) a) Attaining correct arm placement b) Proper direction of body and hips while passing 4) “Crush Sides” (pinning through proper position and pressure) a) Controlling hips and head b) Controlling elbows 5) Escapes from bottom a) Getting and keeping under hook to shrimp out b) Vibrating to shrimp out - “Paint Shaker” 6) Escapes from _ position. a) Wrestler's approach b) Jiu-Jitsu player's approach 7) Knee Bar attack and counter from _ escapes 8) Getting and maintaining a Turtle Neck 9) The clinch (emphasis on hip and head positioning) 10) The under hook (set ups and entries to) 11) The whizzer & counters 12) The Neck Tie & Counters 13) The Pinch Head Lock & Takedowns 14) The snap down and set ups 15) Front Head locks a) Belly Choke b) Face Crank c) Arm Triangle (shoulder choke) 16) Blue Belts awarded after rolling 17) Putting it all together from the clinch (pummeling with strikes, takedowns, and grappling for submissions with strikes.)

    Disc Two (over two hours) In this tape much time is spent on the details of working against strikes from the bottom and adding the “Crazy Monkey” to all that was worked the first day. 1) Half Guard Top a) Keeping position and setting up to pass b) Three passes that set up and work together 2) Anti-Ground-n-Pound (Stack-n-Smack) a) Attaining and maintaining the spider guard. b) Attaining and maintaining the spider guard versus strikes c) Attacking from the spider guard. (Fundamental 4 attacks isolated and then incorporated individually) d) Integrating all of the fundamental four together against strikes. e) Adding sweeps to the fundamental four. 3) The “Crazy Monkey” a) Training it against strikes (tempo sparring) b) Adding boxing attacks and combinations from it c) Adding kicks to the structure (leg kicks and “shoe” kicks) d) Sparring it. 4) The intelligent monkey (yes, ours is smarter) added to Vale Tudo sparring. 5) Countering the guillotine. 6) Countering hooks from the back. 7) Proper execution of the rear naked choke and eliminating the fallacies surrounding why it doesn't “work” sometimes.

    Gorilla cup

    The Entire 4.5 hour DVD series, on two discs for the special price of only $49.00! Order your set today!

  • In March 2007 the top SBGi coaches gathered in CA to train, and share the cutting edge material that they were working on. This DVD set was the result. This set was shot in documentary fashion, with the intention of giving you the feel of actually being there on the mat. If you have ever wondered what SBGi is all about, this set is for you! All of the material covered is unique, and has never been shown before in any other SBGi sets. All of the DVDs feature detailed menus for easy navigation. The entire set is over well over 5 hours long. See the top SBGi coaches, caught live in their natural environment! Matt Thornton, Luis Guiterrez, Karl Tanswell, John Kavanagh, Steve Whittier, Travis Davison, + More! Disc 1: 70 minutes BJJ warm ups clinch with cloth (grip surfing) BJJ Q & A with SBGi coaches rolling footage Disc 2: 60 minutes butterfly guard attacks BJJ Q & A with Matt Disc 3: 50+ minutes BJJ warm ups MMA clinch off the cage or wall submissions for no gi, or MMA Disc 4: 75 minutes Muay Thai for MMA Disc 5: 67+ minutes the low X guard passing the upright butterfly guard BJJ Q & A with Matt
  • This 3 DVD set featured the most up to date and innovative material SBGi has. It is packed with all new content, none of which has ever been shown on any previous SBGi production to date!

    This is a top quality production. Shot with some fantastic camera work by expert camera man Victor Levine, and edited tightly by Erik Mayne, this DVD set represents the cutting edge of SBGi curriculum and production values. You will feel like your standing right over the Coaches as they detail all the material shown.

    Disc #1: Features an MMA warm up series as taught by SBGi Coach Rebecca Sweeney.

    This is followed by the Guard Surfing drill, as created and taught by SBGi President Matt Thornton, the guard surfing drill forms the bulk of the SBGi passing curriculum. This innovative, flowing, athletic and Alive drill will take your guard passing game from zero to sixty, no matter what level of BJJ game you currently play. It is also applicable for gi, no-gi, or MMA. The guard surfing drill has never been shown on DVD before, or taught outside a SBGi facility, until now. The section ends with Matt explaining his overall Coaching philosophy, and how it relates to this drill.

    The disc ends with a large section on striking and passing inside the guard for MMA or self defense, as taught by SBGi Coach and BJJ Black Belt Steve Whittier. This is the closest to a technical ground and pound game you will find. It covers punching to pass, getting posture, defending against the overhook & foot on hip guards, striking while maintaining base, and passing for MMA, and finishing with strikes from the crucifix position.

    Disc #2: Disc two begins with some clinch, takedowns and attacks from the two on one position. This section features solid fundamentals that can be applied in both grappling, and self defense, and is taught by SBGi Full Instructor Karl Tanswell. All the material shown here is applicable to gi or no-gi, but its shown in detail with a gi top. If you're looking for a solid gi based takedown game, this is it.

    It is followed by an extensive section on the Z Guard. Karl shows the entire Z Guard curriculum he uses with his athletes, including submissions, sweeps, and the keys to maintaining and attacking from this position.

    This disc ends with a top notch takedown clinic. As always, emphasis is placed on solid fundamentals and the key points for setting up, and finishing your shots.

    Disc #3: The final disc in this series begins with Matt Thornton teaching SBGis clinch surfing drill. The fine points and details of this drill are covered in depth here.

    This is followed by a long section from SBGi Coach and BJJ Black Belt Eric Hemphill. Eric's section is truly awesome in both volume, content and detail. Material covered includes pendulum guard drills, triangle set ups and drill, threading the leg for passing and MMA, high climb guard attacks and set ups, extensive details on the double under guard pass, passing half guard for gi and MMA, and attacking the position. This is a must see section that features material never show before on a SBGi DVD.

    The disc ends with some bonus footage, including a SBGi BJJ belt promotion, and interviews with some of the athletes and Coaches.

    Only $95.00 for the entire 3 DVD set!

  • This series features the newest innovations to the SBGi curriculum as taught by Matt Thornton, and was shot at a seminar in February 2005. The set was edited by Rex Biteng, and he did a fantastic job in making sure it is highly entertaining, while at the same time keeping the instruction sections front and center, and the class time/demonstrations, to a minimum. The entire series focuses on how to train BJJ in the most technical way possible, and how to make it fit and work for all types of bodies. It is broken down neatly by detailed chapters for the viewer.   Disk 1 - The Smashing Top Game (83 min.) Click Here To Download   Disk 2 - Clinch for Self Defense (60 min.) Click Here To Download   Disk 3 - BJJ Q & A (60 min.) Click Here To Download