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Street VS Sport Nonsense.

street2The street vs sport nonsense, or as it’s better known, “The SBG guys are a sports orientated Gym”. Has become such a common fallacy, or excuse, used by those that would like to mitigate, or box in, what the SBG is about. It is perhaps the last hiding place for Instructors who are questioned as to why they have not reverted to a curriculum that was 100% Alive. “Well what we do is for the street! Not for sports.”

We hope that with the addition of this section to our website we can put this issue to rest, and get everyone back on the path of truth. -Matt Thornton

It’s simple, we train for performance. That involves having a complete game in each element. -Paul Sharp

“To sum up the street versus sports argument: Circumstances and tactics change, but the delivery systems, conditioning, and positions remain identical throughout. It is something that can be proven and shown within the realm of scenarios, resisting opponents, and the field. It’s not open to speculation, although many wish it was. It is common sense really, but lost on many.”

street SBG Coach Paul (Desnudo)
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The Problem with the Streetfighter
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