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The World’s Leader in Functional Training


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SBG Is More Than Just Martial Arts

SBG began over twenty years ago, when its founder, Matt Thornton, opened the first locations in Portland Oregon. His goal was to create a university of fighting, where the truth of what does and does not work could be explored – an academy where ‘best practices’ could develop – where form would follow function.

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Since that time, the organization has grown exponentially. SBG now has over 50 locations around the world, and can be found on every continent. It has produced multiple UFC fighters (including the biggest UFC Champion in history, Conor McGregor) – multiple BJJ world champions, including black belt medalists – and currently stands as the world’s leading organization for functional martial arts, combat sports, law enforcement, military hand-to-hand, and self-defense.

SBG is the Ivy League of functional Martial Arts.


In addition to a consolidated business structure and curricula – there is a strong bond of shared philosophy, and loyalty, that unites all of the SBG locations. It is reflected in the organizations motto –

One Tribe – One Vibe.