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SBGi Locations

– West Coast

profile_matt “Matt Thornton is the President and founder of SBG international. He also acts as the head Coach for the world headquarters of SBGi located in Portland Oregon. Matt was the first athlete in the State of Oregon to receive a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is currently in high demand teaching seminars across the globe.You can also find Matt teaching classes open to the public five days a week. The Portland Gym has become a hub for students from across the world who stay in Oregon to train and workout using the SBGi methods. And unlike some coaches and black belts who are seldom found teaching brand new members, you will still find Matt coaching and teaching beginners and everyone else throughout the week at the Portland Gym. To quote Matt: “Our Portland Gym truly is for every-body, and the overall vibe and attitude is pretty unique and special.
It’s an incredible group of people we have assembled here” You can reach the Portland Gym at 503-230-7924 or you can reach Matt directly at straightblastgym@hotmail.com to schedule training. Whether your local or coming from out of town, the Portland Gym is THE place to be, and the place to experience the unique SBGi Vibe.”


SBGi Gyms

SBGi Headquarters
Portland Oregon Branch
Contact: Matt Thornton
1812 NE 43rd Ave. (corner of 43rd and Sandy)
Portland, OR 97213
Tel: (503) 230-7924
Email: straightblastgym@hotmail.com

SBG – Berkely
SBG NorCal – ModCom MMA
Contact: Lily Pagle, Alan Pagle
1450 San Pablo ave Berkeley 94702
Tel: 510-540-8283
Email: moderncombatives@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.sbgnorcal.com/

SBG Reno
Ray Price
Tel: (775) 530-8518
Reno, NV
Email: rxjits@sbcglobal.net

Straight Blast Gym of Seattle
Contact: Sonia Sillan
5050 Delridge Way SW
Seattle WA 98106
Web: http://sbgseattle.com/

SBG Elko
Contact: Chris Meyers
557 West Silver St. Suite 202
Elko NV. 89801
Web: www.sbgelko.com

usflag– East Coast
– Regional Director: Steve Whittier

whittier_steveLike most of our coaches, my martial arts experience began in the classical martial arts and evolved to more modern, integrated approaches such as Jeet Kune Do, and finally to alive combat athletics.After teaching for years both as a martial arts instructor and in academia, I made the move in 2003 to start my own program, Nexus Martial Arts, which was the first SBG International gym in Massachusetts. In SBGi, I have found not only a group of extremely intelligent and diverse people, including some truly great friends, but also an amazing complement to the great training resources I have found here in Mass: an organization that is on the cutting edge of functional performance coaching and training for everyone – from hobbyists to professional competitors, even military and law enforcement.At Nexus, as with all SBGi programs, we are dedicated helping our students improve and enhance their lives through the vehicle of alive martial arts. There is nothing quite like seeing the same passion we have for what we do ignited in others!


SBGi Gyms

SBG East Coast Headquarters/ Nexus
Contact: Stephen Whittier
14 Kendrick Rd
Wareham, MA 02571
Email: stephenmwhittier@yahoo.com
Web: www.nexusma.com

– Mountain and Mid-West
– Regional Director: Travis Davison

travisrdUnlike most of our coaches, I have no background in traditional martial arts. Instead, I found my way to SBGi through countless rewinds and slow-motion replays of early UFC. And finally, at the recommendation of a coworker, I found the Portland gym a gateway to a new world – one that would replace the outdated drunken-assault style of my bar brawls.

Since then, nine years have passed and I’ve spent the better part of them training with Matt Thornton at SBGi headquarters in Portland, OR. During that time, I have had the privilege to train with and be coached by some amazing athletes and people. As I travel, in the US and abroad, I am always pleasantly surprised to find that whether in Reno or Dublin, the SBG vibe is always the same.

I recently moved to Kalispell, Montana and although I miss what I left behind, I look forward to opening the first SBGi gym in Montana. A new venue means new faces, new personalities, and new adventures. And I expect that as we welcome visitors to Big Sky country, they will also feel the familiar vibe of SBGi.

As Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home.”

SBGi Gyms

Straight Blast Gym of Montana
Contact: Travis Davison
410 First Avenue East
Kalispell, Montana
Email: sbgmontana@gmail.com
Web: sbgmontana.com

SBG North
Contact: Travis Davison
6550 HWY 93 South Suite 103
Whitefish Montana
Email: sbgmontana@gmail.com
Web: sbgnorth.com

Straight Blast Gym Idaho/Combat Fitness
Contact: (208) 935-6264
528 Americana Blvd
Boise, ID 83702
Email: info@combatfitness.com
Web: combatfitness.com/

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