SBGi 2010 – ‘Amazing Camp’ DVD series! *’shot at the SBGi Spring Camp 2009′ download each disk for only 9.99 or purchase the physical dvd set for –


Now available, the most recent advances and cutting edge material from SBGi. This brand new DVD series features material that has never been released to the public before, including BJJ, MMA, clinch, defending off the cage, boxing for MMA, the 5 types of drills, defense from the five most common ‘bad’ BJJ scenarios, several sets of sport specific warm ups, the use of the critical thinking skills in your Martial Arts training, and a bonus disc featuring the SBG athletes and coaches rolling, as well as a black belt ironman!

If you have liked any of the past SBGi material, then you will love this brand new series!

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Disc #1 ( 1:45 minutes long!) features:

Yoga warm-ups for BJJ.

Cage surfing! Featuring SBGi Coach James Davis.

Cutting edge clinch off the cage drills for MMA! These include reversals, takedowns and strikes.

Sweeps & submissions from the guard! Featuring SBGi BJJ Black Belt Travis Davison.

Includes some key points on fundamental sweeps used every day, and ways to turn those sweeps into submission attacks on you opponent. Also includes a BJJ Q and A session.

Disc #2 ( 1:42 minutes long!) Features:

A curriculum and coaching workshop with SBGi President Matt Thornton, including a comprehensive explanation of functionalistic minimalism, and the five types of drills that can be applied to BJJ, or any combat sport.

These include how to drill for timing in general, the fastest way to develop your own individual “style”, how to define “base”, and finding that line between style specific movements and fundamentals. These is followed up with a discussion of ‘critical thinking’, and the three types of arguments all forms of superstition use as a means of defense. If you want to know what the SBG methodology is all about, or you are looking for better, more rational ways to Coach, then you will love this section!

Mastering the one-handed guillotine choke!

This section is taught by top SBG Coach John Kavanagh, topics include the ‘monkey paw’ grip, proper elbow and body placement, how to drill the choke, and sweeping off of the same grip. This is a must see segment that contains material we guarantee you will not find anywhere else!

The disc continues with Boxing for MMA featuring Portland Gym coach Brian Walsh. Topics include:

Shifting your weight, and head movement as defense.
Defending punches, jabs, hooks, and crosses.
Faster boxer versus the slower, stronger slugger.
Pivoting boxer versus a slipping boxer.
Notes on how to drill boxing properly, and safely.

This is followed by boxing specifically for MMA:
• win on our feet
• defend the takedown
• set up the takedown
• enter the clinch
• exit the clinch

Disc # 3 ( 1:37 minutes long) includes:

Yoga warm ups for BJJ & MMA featuring Kisa Davison
The ‘Animal Crackers’ warm up, as taught by john Kavanagh.

This is followed by an outstanding escapes from crossides section, featuring SBGi Estonia Coach Pritt Mihkelson.

This innovative session focuses on four key postures, and it goes into great detail about the proper way, and time to use your head on the mat; as well as tight frames, in order to prevent your opponent from locking you down.

The five most common ‘bad’ BJJ scenarios, and their solution! Featuring SBGi Head Coach John Kavanagh.

This is an awesome, and large session, and example of some of what is covered includes: defending when your opponent is going for pant leg grips to pass, how to defend the stack, defending leg hugs, and defending the bullfighter pass.

The next section covers problems that arise from the four quarters position: how to defend when they grab you, or when they sprawl on you, and other common attacks. The session finishes with John answering questions regarding BJJ.

Bonus disc #4 (2 hours long) :

This special extra disc contains all the SBG Coaches rolling, and two belt promotions, including an SBG black belt ironman, as Travis Davison becomes the first coach from the Portland Gym to receive his BJJ black belt from Matt.

All four discs contain over & hours of footage, and material never before seen on any DVD set. This is a must see set for anyone interested in improving their BJJ and/or MMA game!