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SBGi BJJ 2005, aka: The Berkeley Seminar download each disk for only 9.99 or purchase the physical dvd set for –


This series features the newest innovations to the SBGi curriculum as taught by Matt Thornton, and was shot at a seminar in February 2005. The set was edited by Rex Biteng, and he did a fantastic job in making sure it is highly entertaining, while at the same time keeping the instruction sections front and center, and the class time/demonstrations, to a minimum. The entire series focuses on how to train BJJ in the most technical way possible, and how to make it fit and work for all types of bodies. It is broken down neatly by detailed chapters for the viewer.


Disk 1 – The Smashing Top Game (83 min.)
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Disk 2 – Clinch for Self Defense (60 min.)
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Disk 3 – BJJ Q & A (60 min.)
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