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This 3 DVD set featured the most up to date and innovative material SBGi has. It is packed with all new content, none of which has ever been shown on any previous SBGi production to date!

This is a top quality production. Shot with some fantastic camera work by expert camera man Victor Levine, and edited tightly by Erik Mayne, this DVD set represents the cutting edge of SBGi curriculum and production values. You will feel like your standing right over the Coaches as they detail all the material shown.

Disc #1: Features an MMA warm up series as taught by SBGi Coach Rebecca Sweeney.

This is followed by the Guard Surfing drill, as created and taught by SBGi President Matt Thornton, the guard surfing drill forms the bulk of the SBGi passing curriculum. This innovative, flowing, athletic and Alive drill will take your guard passing game from zero to sixty, no matter what level of BJJ game you currently play. It is also applicable for gi, no-gi, or MMA. The guard surfing drill has never been shown on DVD before, or taught outside a SBGi facility, until now. The section ends with Matt explaining his overall Coaching philosophy, and how it relates to this drill.

The disc ends with a large section on striking and passing inside the guard for MMA or self defense, as taught by SBGi Coach and BJJ Black Belt Steve Whittier. This is the closest to a technical ground and pound game you will find. It covers punching to pass, getting posture, defending against the overhook & foot on hip guards, striking while maintaining base, and passing for MMA, and finishing with strikes from the crucifix position.

Disc #2: Disc two begins with some clinch, takedowns and attacks from the two on one position. This section features solid fundamentals that can be applied in both grappling, and self defense, and is taught by SBGi Full Instructor Karl Tanswell. All the material shown here is applicable to gi or no-gi, but its shown in detail with a gi top. If you’re looking for a solid gi based takedown game, this is it.

It is followed by an extensive section on the Z Guard. Karl shows the entire Z Guard curriculum he uses with his athletes, including submissions, sweeps, and the keys to maintaining and attacking from this position.

This disc ends with a top notch takedown clinic. As always, emphasis is placed on solid fundamentals and the key points for setting up, and finishing your shots.

Disc #3: The final disc in this series begins with Matt Thornton teaching SBGis clinch surfing drill. The fine points and details of this drill are covered in depth here.

This is followed by a long section from SBGi Coach and BJJ Black Belt Eric Hemphill. Eric’s section is truly awesome in both volume, content and detail. Material covered includes pendulum guard drills, triangle set ups and drill, threading the leg for passing and MMA, high climb guard attacks and set ups, extensive details on the double under guard pass, passing half guard for gi and MMA, and attacking the position. This is a must see section that features material never show before on a SBGi DVD.

The disc ends with some bonus footage, including a SBGi BJJ belt promotion, and interviews with some of the athletes and Coaches.

Only $95.00 for the entire 3 DVD set!